What is a Virtual Concert?
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What does it take to be part of a Virtual Concert?

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JHMS Bands announces a Virtual Concert featuring

Lincolnshire Posy

by Percy Grainger

Arranged by Michael Ryan

All members of the JHMS 6th, 7th, & 8th grade band are invited to participate.  So are members of the JP Ryon 5th grade band.

How to get started with practicing?

  1. Go to this link:                 www.jwpepper.com/sharemusic

  2. Copy and enter this code (including the equal sign):               nS4O0fsqmD8=

  3. Find the window underneath Have an Access Code? and paste the code above

  4. Click on the <View Music> button

  5. Find "Lincolnshire Posy Band Set & Score" and click the <View Music> button to the right 

  6. Find the drop down menu and click on your instrument part

  7. Hit the <F11> key to view the music fullscreen

  8. Start to practice both pages of your music

  9. Practice with a professional recording - CLICK HERE

What Will I need?

  1. A desktop or laptop computer.  If you don't have this contact the school.  An iPad or other tablet will also work.

  2. A secondary device with a video recorder on it, like a phone, laptop, tablet, or even an old school video camera.

  3. A working instrument.

  4. Sheet music. This can be achieved in a number of ways.

  5. A pair of headphones or earbuds

  6. A playback device for the play along track if a computer/tablet (#1) isn't available.

  7. Internet or a phone capable of sending data


  • April 21-30  
    Sign on to
    Enter the access code     
    Get your music either online or purchase a copy to print 
    Practice movement 1 of Lincolnshire Posy titled "Harkstow Grange" 
    Don't forget to count the rests and pay attention to the fermata's

  • May 1-15  (because of the extended school closure the timeline is extended)
    Start to practice movement 2  titled "The Lost Lady Found"
    Play both movements with the play along track found on
    YouTube (click here)
    Start to work on playing your part while listening to the background track in headphones or earbuds at the same time 

  • May 15-June 1  (because of the extended school closure the timeline is extended)
    Start recording your "takes" on a secondary recording device while listening to the play along track with headphones/earbuds
    Upload your best take to OneDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, or your favorite online file depository
    Email your final take video to Mr Whitford at cwhitford@ccboe.com
    No video? Don't want your face on screen? Send an audio only file    

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