Assignment #01

CCPS has approved and paid for every band student in Charles County from grade 5 to grade 12 to have their own SmartMusic account. So your first assignment is to sign up for SmartMusic       → Click here for SmartMusic ← 

Students younger than 13 will need a parent to help.  We will do this in class but if you can't during class click on this link to explain how -


Use this link to help setup a backup email in case you forget your password

CLASS  NAME                                                                                CLASS CODE  
JP Ryon 5th Grade Band    (Trumpets)                                -     WJJFA-TLKKP

JP Ryon 5th Grade Band    (Trombone/Percussion)         -     2TJNA-DQAAD

     (Copy the code to the right and paste it into the SmartMusic Join a Class text box)
*Your account is already paid by CCPS - if you are asked to pay you missed a step and should try again.
*Please use a valid personal email account - no misspellings.  (No such thing as
*Only registered students in Mr Whitford's classes will be granted access to the SmartMusic class

Assignment #02

Have your Band method book - Standard of Excellence, Book #1 (for your instrument) ready in class everyday.  Find it at local music stores or online. 


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